Introducing Gymnastics Play Date!


We hold a weekly gymnastics play date on Tuesday’s from 9:00-9:55am. This time is for children who are walking and up to age 6. This is the perfect opportunity to meet other parents and bond with your child in a fun and safe environment. Our play date is $5.00 per child (per class). Attire is comfortable athletic wear.

Gymnastics Play Date Rules:
-Cost is $5.00 per child
-For children who are walking and up to age 6…
-This is a parent led playtime, and parent or legal guardian MUST accompany child
-Parent or legal gaurdian must sign parental consent form upon arrival at the gym and adhere to common sense safety guidelines
-Dress in comfortable, athletic wear
-Trampoline & Tumbl Trak use must be accompanied by a staff member
-Parents are not allowed on the Trampoline or Tumbl Trak and only 1 child on a Trampoline or Tumbl Trak at a time
-NO PARENTS are allowed on any of the equipment at any time